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First of all - epic work. 

Even through trailer I can define few mechanics slightly transformed from original game and it's incredible.

So uhm, here is question - do you have any intentions to add splitscreen coop?

UPD. Is it possible to dig some settings? At least sort of contrareboon_64.ini ? Thank you.

hey thank you for the comment, and unfortunatly no..

Since the game was done for a class, it's winter vacation and we're going on our last semester of university we want to take it slow and we wont add more to the game.

Not that we don't want to add stuff, it would've been cool to add levels, alpha enemies and such, but we have to go on and work on new stuff.

Thank you again and I hope you had a blast playing it

Sylvain from Contragon

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Thanks for fast reply

Welp,understandable, good luck with new projects then.

 If you will need some testers or will suffer on lack of ideas for gameplay - notice me. Have a nice life.

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Trying to unrar the file with 7zip, still doesn't work. Says cannot open file as archive.

 Any solutions?


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Hi, if you have WinRar, you could try this:

  1. Right click on the RAR files and from the list, click on the extract files option.
  2. A window will appear showing where a folder can be selected and where it may be saved.
  3. Choose the check box which gives the option ‘Open Broken file’.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the window.
  5. A warning will pop up but it should be disregarded at this point.

On my end I was able to unzip it without a problem.  The problem might go from the file on the site is broken to the file while downloading was broken and even an outdated WinRar, which I hardly think it would be the problem.

I hope it would've help you a little bit at least and reply to say if it worked because others might have the same issue.

Thank you!

Sylvain from Contragon.

Thanks! Works great. 7zip didn't work, but I downloaded WinRar and was able to extract it. thanks!.

Glad to hear that you got it to work!

Have fun.

Sylvain from Contragon.

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