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nice job guys you and 7 guys more..!!

loved it wish there was more

We played the game and loved it !!!

Gave it a go...


AYour video is really funny and everything you mentionned should be added were a thought in the two weeks of design, but in only 8 weeks there is only enough time for just a little to be made. I am glad you enjoyed the game.

Sylvain from Contragon.

wnt let me play ??


It looks awesome. Any posibility to config screen resolution??

Sadly we wont update the game in anyway because we each have different projects for our last semester of university. We never thought that the game would attract that much attention so we didn't plan of updating the game after release. We tallked about maybe tweaking it, but we decided that it would be better to leave it as it is and move on.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you still are able to play the game :)

Yep, there is: Resomini app to change resolution
Author's site:
And FPS+ = gaming is possible 👍

I really miss these types of games, sad to see that this is as far as its going to come though. Would really love a fleshed out game with multiplayer, but I understand that you guys are students. Very impressive. 

im still down loading is too cool plz answer me n thnkx

im still down loading is too cool plz answer me n thnkx

Gameplay Brazil

Ya l'air malade votre jeu mais je suis incappable de me faire du fun sans que l'axe Y de la souris soit inversé. Ca l'air facile a rajouter dans l'engine, ca serait super nice. Merci :)


Please Upload your game to Steam...It will be more popular &  known...


MAN i m totaly impresed, good to see someone renember old games and this game looks like a lot of work and heart in it, thanks i ll try it :)

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Interesting that nobody had within the 8 Days the Idea to add Mouse Invert...


it is not something we concidered since every member of the team and those we had for playtesting played the same way, so we never had someone saying that it would be cool to invert the mouse.

I hope you still were able to enjoy the game.

Sylvain from Contragon


Aha. Means, because you Guys dont "need" Invert Mouse, nobody else does. This attitude is no wonder why even Indie Games usually have no Invert Mouse on Release, even when they add it with a Patch.

I tell you how people with "invert mouse on" do usually. Install game, try find this option. If no - close & uninstall immediately. There is no way to find joy, if developers has no respect for ya.

Sir, Can i get fast speed ?

Too long for downloade :(

Download speed is not on our part, the website holds the files for the game. There is nothing we can do about it unfortunatly.

Sylvain from Contragon.

Hmm okay., i must be patient., :)

Is there a way to change some graphics settings so I can make it playable for me? super low fps and  lag for me

Unfortunatly no, we didn't had time to figuring out how the Unreal Engine 4 handles the graphics and how to translate them into settings.

Sylvain from Contragon

Why download speed so sloww???


Need to make Linux version.... 32bit and 64bit....

sad u cant change controls on azerty its unplayable anyways looks like a cool game

what you can do is to add a keyboard to your windows, like a US or CAD keyboard and you will be fine.

Sylvain from Contragon.

forgot bout that

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Nice download speed

My download speed 780kb/s

If you cant download this game ,maybe your internet need more bandwidth

Why the download speed is very very slow?Up to now i have not downloaded the Game successfully!!

nice good job

amazing job in just 8 week , i can't finish my damn essay in 8 weeks


Some indie games did not reach this kind of state in just 8 weeks, amazing job guys.

good game


I am getting this error

coudn't start


contrareboot-win64-shipping.exe" contrareboot createprocess () returnes2.

Please help me solve this

Круто, господа. Очень круто

Linux support?

Hi, since this was a school project there might not be updates for the game. Windows was the obvious choice for us. Maybe later we will add a build for Linux and Mac, but we don't know how hard it is going to be to make everything work on other platforms, since we make the game work for Windows.

Thanks for the comment and I hope you could play in some way to our game.

Sylvain from Contragon.


This game needs change resolution feature. In WINE at 1080p i have < 10 fps

Too lazy to check and don't know whether to run under Wine, but:

Reso — mini app to change resolution
Author's site:
And FPS+ = gaming is possible 👍

I played the game just for a few minutes, because I was going to sleep, and it is wonderful and very addictive. You are a great team. I hope I can hear more about your games in the future.

I noticed some bugs, like the aliens stuck in a car and jumping in the same place but could not be unstuck until I killed it.

another bug I noticed was the left leg disappear sometimes when running.

I would recommend you look for options for the keyboard control, because for something continuous used as change weapon, it is not a good idea to put this action performed by <TAB> on Windows.

another good thing to add in a future is a option to decrease the video graphics, for less powerful computers.

overall, the trailer is awesome, the gameplay is great, the commands are fluid, the characters and enviroment and sound effects and video effects are very well done. I can't stop to see good things in this project!!

Great job!

Thanks for the feedback bluepug! It is really appreciated :)

We will take these comments in consideration in future projects!

Sadly, as it is a school project, we might not have the time to update this game, nor will we make another game with the same team.

- Marc-Olivier from Contragon

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Well I played for a few hours until i got the best second score of the game XD 

It's really addictive, and the fact that you guys made all this game in 8 weeks it's really impressive. You should start a kickstarter project or something like that, i really want to thank you by helping the project. 

I only found a few bugs at the end of the bigger waves, the aliens got stuck in some pillars or between the boxes, and it was annoying to try to find them while i wanted to finish the challenges. But that's the only problem I found. 


wazup 👋 my dudes 🍆 amazing 😱 game 🎮💯🔥.  Come 🏃‍♂️ to brazil 🇧🇷


Glad you're enjoying our game Tony, the team and I have not yet planned a trip to Brazil but we'll think about it and come back to you!


post a donation link

Awesome job guys. Its reminds me that PSOne's game Contra: Adventure. You captured the original Contra essence with this game. Congrats! 

Ребята так держать!!!)

Thank you!

is available on steam?

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Sadly, not at the moment.

We hope to bring it to Steam someday, but we can't guarantee anything.

Thank you for your interest in our game though!

- Marc-Olivier from Contragon

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First of all - epic work. 

Even through trailer I can define few mechanics slightly transformed from original game and it's incredible.

So uhm, here is question - do you have any intentions to add splitscreen coop?

UPD. Is it possible to dig some settings? At least sort of contrareboon_64.ini ? Thank you.

hey thank you for the comment, and unfortunatly no..

Since the game was done for a class, it's winter vacation and we're going on our last semester of university we want to take it slow and we wont add more to the game.

Not that we don't want to add stuff, it would've been cool to add levels, alpha enemies and such, but we have to go on and work on new stuff.

Thank you again and I hope you had a blast playing it

Sylvain from Contragon

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Thanks for fast reply

Welp,understandable, good luck with new projects then.

 If you will need some testers or will suffer on lack of ideas for gameplay - notice me. Have a nice life.

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Trying to unrar the file with 7zip, still doesn't work. Says cannot open file as archive.

 Any solutions?


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Hi, if you have WinRar, you could try this:

  1. Right click on the RAR files and from the list, click on the extract files option.
  2. A window will appear showing where a folder can be selected and where it may be saved.
  3. Choose the check box which gives the option ‘Open Broken file’.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the window.
  5. A warning will pop up but it should be disregarded at this point.

On my end I was able to unzip it without a problem.  The problem might go from the file on the site is broken to the file while downloading was broken and even an outdated WinRar, which I hardly think it would be the problem.

I hope it would've help you a little bit at least and reply to say if it worked because others might have the same issue.

Thank you!

Sylvain from Contragon.

Thanks! Works great. 7zip didn't work, but I downloaded WinRar and was able to extract it. thanks!.

Glad to hear that you got it to work!

Have fun.

Sylvain from Contragon.

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